The work of the ADIEH Research Theme is centred on a connection with the broader community. Its work is only relevant in the sense that it is connected to communities and the research is conducted in a way that serves the needs of the communities that are being 'researched'.

In the early period of the development of ADIEH a Community Listening Conference was held in the South to assist in informing the work of the Research Theme through community identification of the issues that needed to be researched. An important aspect of the ADIEH research philosophy is that the research will be conducted with communities not on them.

The ADIEH Research Theme conducts an annual October Research Conference where research ideas and existing projects are workshopped in a small group setting with ADIEH researchers and people from the community in the South to ensure community input into the development of research ideas.

ADIEH also welcomes involvement of people from outside universities in our research. If you are interested in finding out more about how you might be involved in what we do or you have an idea for a research project please contact Tim Harrison our Research Theme Manager.