Visiting Scholar Program


The Visiting Scholars Program provides an opportunity for scholars of international reputation to come to the University of Ballarat to share in the work of the Research Theme for short periods of up to two weeks. Along with the Research Microfinance Program the Visiting Scholars Program is the cornerstone of the Research Theme in terms of developing broad research capacity around addressing disadvantage and inequality in education and health.

The Visiting Scholar Program is seen as the most effective mechanism for the Theme to increase research capacity and capability. It will bring in experts from within Australia and overseas to provide the start up for exploratory projects, inject new ideas and perspectives into existing or new research teams and engage with the broader University of Ballarat community and the communities of the South and Ballarat.

It would be hoped that following the visit there would be established a strong relationship between the Visiting Scholar and the Theme and potentially the beginnings of an inter-institutional relationship between UB and the Visiting Scholar’s home institution.

Role of the Visiting Scholar

It is not necessarily desirable to be overly prescriptive in defining the role of the Visiting Scholar. It would be expected that the Visiting Scholar would engage in some of the following activity during their stay:

  • conduct a seminar / presentation / workshop for researchers opted into the Theme
  • conduct a public event targeted at the broader community
  • spend some time in the South or in a research project which informs the work in the South
  • conduct a workshop for HDR Students
  • developing a mentoring role with a research team or individual researchers
  • engage in a discussion with Theme members on the role and impact of the Theme
  • explore opportunities for collaborative research or publication
  • explore ways of engaging in the work of the Theme through ‘opting in’ to the Theme
  • assist in scoping an exploratory project or developing a model for ‘growing’ and exploratory project into a larger funded project
Selecting a Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholars will be selected by a small group of ‘opted in’ researchers including the Research Theme Leader and the Deputy Research Theme Leader.

Criteria for selection would be based on:

  • understanding of and sympathy for the philosophy and aims of the Research Theme demonstrated through their research and publications. Attachment 2 may assist in understanding this
  • recognition as a scholar of significant international reputation in their field/s of research
  • the proposed program of activity during the visit
  • potential impact of the visit on the work of the Theme