FedUni Researchers

How do I get involved as a FedUni based researcher or higher degree student? 

The ADIEH Research Theme aims to be inclusive in the way it engages people in its work. Involvement is based on an ‘opt in’ model. Potential Theme researchers will make a decision to join the process based on their engagement with the forms of research proposed and a sense that their research interests and ambitions align with one of the Strand areas.

If you are interested in 'opting in' to the ADIEH Theme you may wish to consider the following questions:

  • do my research interests and ambitions fit broadly within the Theme?
  • are there other researchers within the Federation University Australia that I may wish to work with?
  • are there any enabling resources (not research assistants) that I require to get started with my research?
  • are there other researchers beyond the Federation University Australia whose research may align with my work?
  • who are the national or international leaders in the area of research who may be involved on a short term basis?

These are all things the ADIEH Research Theme can provide assistance with. Get in touch with Tim Harrison  the Research Theme Manager if you want to discuss 'opting in' further.